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My First Mother’s Day

Ok, so I started writing this a month ago.  But life with a newborn is busy and I seriously get 5 seconds to myself so that is why this post has taken me so long. Here it is… First and foremost, Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful women out there! This isn’t just a… Continue reading My First Mother’s Day

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Welcome to the World Declan!!

My miracle baby is finally here! Declan (Deck-lun) arrived on Easter Sunday, March 27, 2016 at 8:19pm.  He weighed 5 lbs 8.9 oz and was 17 ½ in. It has been an amazing journey to get him into this world and it seems utterly surreal that he is actually here and I can hold him… Continue reading Welcome to the World Declan!!

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We’re Having a Boy!!

Now that finally both sides of the family know we are happy to officially announce it!!! WE’RE HAVING A BOY!!!   I “knew” all along that it was going to be a boy.  I had had dreams of a little boy previous to finding out.  I guess my  intuition was right. We are so excited… Continue reading We’re Having a Boy!!

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21 Weeks 4 days

I haven’t done one of these posts really yet. I am going to try and do my best with weekly posts and updates on how the rest of my pregnancy goes. I am 21 weeks, 4 days.  I wish I could say that the morning sickness is gone, but it has yet to leave me.… Continue reading 21 Weeks 4 days

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I have had to bite my tongue for some time now.  I have wanted to share the news and seriously shout it from the mountain top, but I held my breath until I was far enough along and things were going smoothly….. well, things were going. I am 16 ½ weeks along at this point.… Continue reading Announcement!!!

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Oh My Goodness! My Butt Hurts!

Between Thursday night and Friday, I’ve started six new medications.  That’s 6 new meds!!! To say I’m sore, emotional, irritable and a whole lotta crazy is an under statement. Ok, I’m really not that bad at all regarding my mood and emotions.  I am feeling different with adding a whole new allotment to my already full… Continue reading Oh My Goodness! My Butt Hurts!

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Cleaning the House… OR… Laying on the Couch???

I have a dilemma.  I like to keep a clean house, but with all of the hormones I’m on, I’m utterly exhausted.  Seriously, I take a shower and I’m exhausted.  I make breakfast, I need to take a nap.  I take my pups out for a walk and I get to the park only to… Continue reading Cleaning the House… OR… Laying on the Couch???